10 Best Marijuana Grinder Reviews & Buyer Guide 2019

The importance of weed grinder: If you are user of cannabis and want more clean or proper mash weed then you need best Marijuana/weed grinder. The grinder makes very easy to consume any hard weeds after proper grinding. The best grinder gives you proper cuts in weeds and make smooth marijuana grinds. In less time this tool provides you useful material of cannabis filtered from any dust or heavy giants. It’s also improved or maintains the flavor and fragrance of your weed. If you want the strong buds then, it will also be suitable to use a weed grinder. Whether you will consume, heat, or smoke the weed, grind it first if you want a sturdier pleasure.


Instance 1

Best Value

Golden Bell Herb Grinder

Golden Bell Grinder

  • 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder
  • Available in 8 Colors
  • Zinc alloy designed
  • 3 chambers
  • Mesh Screen filters very fine pollen and Pollen
Best of the best

Chromium Crusher

Chromium Crusher

  • 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder
  • Available in 13 Colors
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • 3 chamber design
  • Mesh screen for fine pollen filtering
Also Consider

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

Platinum Grinder

  • 4 Pieces and 2.5″ to grind
  • Only in Black Color
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Textured grooves on top & bottom
  • Stainless Steel Micron Mesh Filter

Many types of grinders available as per needs: The weed grinders come in three types included two pieces grinder, three-piece grinder and four pieces.

In two-piece grinder only compartment, Its very smart and simple in shape. Upper single compartment Use for weeds ground and regained. Very difficult to use it because not frequently moving if you have hard weeds.

In three-piece grinder have two compartments, one use for grounding or placing the weed that made on upper side, second one at the bottom provides you retrieval weed.

In Four-piece grinder is latest and easy in use form of grinder. It contains three compartments, one at top mid and bottom side. It also able to mash hard weed, pollen and kief in proper sizes.

The grinder made with many types of material: Top grinder made with wood, metal and acrylic. The wood made grinder very difficult to find. It’s totally handmade so very expensive, not produce for mass weed material only little quantity use in one time. The maximum models of wood made grinder contain one compartment.

The metal base grinder commonly available in market and company made with two types of metal like aluminum/titanium. The aluminum base construction very famous in cannabis community due to light weight and easy in movement.

Third one made with acrylic material that is less famous due to cheap quality and easily breaks.

In this article we try to provide maximum knowledge about grinder as well as offer you best selected grinder after search and users feedback compiling. In below we select best weed grinder with each product description that provides you great help to choose best one as per needs.

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

​Our Rating

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4-Piece Grinder is the best in our list so mentioned first. It is made of heavy duty and long-term zinc compound material. It is prepared with a clear surface that easily makes movement, magnet roof and filter screen purification. If you find a stone scrubber then easy do with this model. The 2.5″ Diameter x 1.75″ Height of this grinder so you can easily mash standard quantity of weeds.

Now, no anyone wants hand or finger pain due to difficult moving force, he finds that grinding varieties are much easier with this breakdown. A clear lid lets you know if there are buds left ungrounded. With the teeth this sharp, you can be sure that everything is ready for easy mashing. Plus, the price that the kief collector makes is the Chromium Crusher quite sweet deal.

  • ​That is professional heavy-duty grinder.
  • ​Upper compartment contains mill handle.
  • ​Make with zinc alloy make more durable.
  • checkProper side teeth make soft or frequent moving.
  • checkThree chamber design with Mesh screen.
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Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder​

Best Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

​Our Rating

It comes with 2.5 inch large with 4-piece aluminum made weed grinder. Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher is a cool-looking device that is made of heavy-duty aluminum with sharp teeth cutting and steel mesh screen. The roof contains strong magnets, so your herb remains clean and safe. It also contains a thin poly-o ring with smooth grinding. The device has scratch resistant black anodized finish which does not stain, flake, or crust. And even platinum warranty and 100% no hassle money back guarantee.

We love the fact that this device has a lot of sharp teeth with 49 in quantity So that it is very effective. Textured ruts give you a high top and bottom grinder with a good curtain; No need to worry about cutting your weeds in proper sizes. The filter is great for collection. And the size is just perfect. The herb base is constantly and you can grind a lot of time in one day.

Though, the catcher may be better considering the amount you can grind in the upper parts. Also, a small shrilling noise gets when you grind can be irritating after a moving some while. In addition, grind, though constant, is a bit rough for vaping. However, you can change this standing better grind.

  • ​Durable and best quality aluminum used.
  • ​Sharp and standard size teeth in round shape.
  • ​Easy movable due to soft surface.
  • checkContains four compartments so best filtered grind.
  • checkYou can available sufficient quantity of grind due to large in size.
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Zip Grinders Large Herb Grinder

Top Best Zip Grinders Large Herb Grinder

​Our Rating

That is four-piece grinder with pollen catcher filter. That is 3.25 inches large so you can maximum quantity regrind the weeds. Zip Grinder is one of the main grinders we’ve ever had fun to use. The device is factory-made from space class aluminum and is equipped with 49 diamond-shaped teeth, 100-micron mesh screen, clear top and side with floral clippers.

We love a window that allows you to see how many herbs is not properly mash on top chambers. Plus, you can really grind a lot of his things, so you rarely need to use it once a week if you’re a pretty hard smoker. This grinder’s valuable tool that is really big. You will find that you get a fairly consistent trick from this device. In addition, if you wish to go, you can get the middle chamber and fill the entire cover in your pocket easily.


  • ​The 3.25 Inches large inner for maximum mashing.
  • ​The high-quality aluminum made more durable.
  • ​Nb vfOuter black finishing makes it more beautiful.
  • checkYou can place in the pocket for anywhere use.
  • checkSharp teeth made it easy mov and mash able.

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Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder

Best Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder

Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder

​Our Rating

That is smart design grinder with comes in black coloring outer finishing. Very easy in use and smooth movement so easy to mashing with pollen catcher output. This is a 3-inch weed grinder made with long-term zinc mixture 45 sharp teeth and glide rings to provide you with a smooth grind with easy movement every time. The roof magnetic very strong and the manufacturer guarantees 100% cash back in case of any fault. Filtration screen outbreak “pollen” is really good and easy to change if you accidentally break it. The sequence of power draws in bottom place where you can collect easily.

But, those who want to use these spices should be noted that the holes in this grinder are too big for them. Cross-threading can be a problem, especially if you do not take the time to line them correctly. Also, there is information that black paint may be involved in weed grinder flakes after mashing. The size of grinder as per pocket so you can easily place in pocket while traveling or waling outside.

  • ​Best quality top magnet roof.
  • ​Frequently draw cannabis in bottom.
  • ​Filtration screen catch pollen.
  • checkSharp 45 teeth and around ring.
  • checkStandard smart in size.

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Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder:

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2" Spice Herb Grinder - Color:Black

​Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder:

​Our Rating

This model related from well-known company in the market. This model comes in 4 piece and 2-inch large herb grinder. The outer surface finishes with black color to make it more beautiful. The Golden Bell 2-inch Spice Herb Grinder is a compact little thing, standing just as high as 1.4 inches. Simple enough to stick in your pocket so you have your greens with you wherever you go. This is a 4-piece gray cover, so you’ll get a mesh screen and an idol collection chamber. You also get pollen scraper to make things easier.

The lid is magnetized and thin poly O-Ring allows you to clean your gravel every time. The finish looks nice and the device itself feels compelling in your hands. Naturally, because it’s small, catch a chamber can only go around 2 teaspoons of ground herb. However, even if it’s small, he does a job cutting your herb into the same pieces. Another thing we have noticed is that it does not seem to be a good job to collect on pollen with proper filtration.

  • ​Made with heavy duty zinc alloy.
  • ​Mesh screen filtration working well.
  • ​Decrease spilling due to strong magnet.
  • checkThe poly O ring helps to smooth moving.
  • checkCompact smart size so easily covers.

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Black Tie Grinder – 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder:

Black Tie Grinder - 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder, The Best Rated Herb Grinder with Carry Bag

​Black Tie Grinder – 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder

​Our Rating

Its 4-piece black shined grinder that comes in 2.5-inch size. The company make out with anodized aluminum to include more durability or less chance of breakage. It comes with carry bag so that is big convenient while traveling. The black adhesive cover is made from anodized aluminum alloy with 50 diamond-shaped teeth, plus strong neodymium magnets, armchairs, dust tape and two sprinkler cover. That’s not all. Have you ever had a problem with the lower chamber of the stomach? Well, this grinder, the pollen palate has completely smooth, rounded sides so scraping them is a heck of a lot easier.

Micron purification screen provides more grind in soft form and filtered from any hard stones. This is a grey Ciller with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters and a height of 1.8 centimeters, so it is comfortably in the pocket or bag. It has its own velvet bag, so you can protect it from waste and keep the items private. However, the size provides you do not get to store a lot of herb devices. Very cheap in price and fulfill your all needs due to a lot of features.

  • ​High quality aluminum and teeth sharping.
  • ​Best standard diameter makes It easy cover.
  • ​Upper roof base contains strong magnet.
  • checkHigh purification screen so clear from any pollen.
  • checkHigh purification screen so clear from any pollen.

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Electric Tobacco Shredder by HBI:

Top Best  Electric Tobacco Shredder by HBI

Electric Tobacco Shredder by HBI:

​Our Rating

That is different shape grinder for weeds and tobacco. Its professional use and heavy-duty device to mash weeds in little form. The shape of this machine large in size so huge quantity mash in one time. The outer body made with hard plastic and inner cover with steel blade and around bowl. If you do not want to spend more effort than you need to put your buds inside a grinder, then this is best choice for you. The electric tobacco shredder HBI shreds your leaf / bud / grass into bitty pieces in just a few seconds with the push of a button.

There is no complex process involved. There is even a safety feature: you cannot grind anything unless the lid is closed. This produces a fine grind that is perfect for vaping. You also have much more control over how well you want the monotonous to be just for the number of times you press the button. However, there is no kief collector and the device very easy to clean only hands or some dry cloth. It also available in reasonable price if we see the features and functions.

  • ​Large in size to mashing high quantity.
  • ​Sharp and fast blade movement with electric current.
  • ​Best for quick and professional usage.
  • checkMake you cannabis smoother and softer.
  • checkComes adjusted lid and control button.

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Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder:

Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder with a Cali Crusher

Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder

​Our Rating

The four-unit grinder best in own features and working accuracy. It comes in shine black color with strong magnet roof for more clean outputs. That is accurate pollen catcher and mashing properly all weeds with frequently fall down in bottom compartment. The Santa Cruz shredder is one of the popular weed grinds recommended by vape experts. This 4-piece grinder is made of anodized aluminum that makes this device less likely to suffer scratches, damage inner teeth or damage the sharp corners.

It has an extra fine stainless-steel mesh screen to sift through pollen with proper filtration. And the magnet used to hold the lid is very strong, deep enough to keep the grinder closed even when it falls to the ground. Even better, the grinder has a unique tread pattern to stop threading, as well as a hold pattern on the top and bottom of the device, which makes the work of grinding a lot easier. However, this grinder is a bit expensive and the grass gets into the filament.

  • ​The total structure made with aluminum.
  • ​Roof and bottom contain magnet power.
  • ​Sharp teeth and rings made it more crusher.
  • checkThe 4-piece grinder very say to move.
  • checkFiltration screen collect pollen properly.

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​Formax420 Death Star Grinder Star War Round Grinder:​

Formax420 Death Star Grinder Star War Round Grinder 3 Pieces Spice Mill 1.9 inch

​Formax420 Death Star Grinder Star War Round Grinder

​Our Rating

The ball shape grinder in around silver coloring. The Formax Company introduced this model with different style. It contains 3-piece spice mashing mill included filtration screen and magnet roof. Very easy to moving due to smooth and sharp teeth or round ring threads. The Death Star Grinder looks cool and is made out of zinc mixture that makes it more durable. It’s pretty hard for such a small thing, but he is working and moving like a dream. However, you can only make small particles. He comes along with the creator of the cannabis with clean filtration of pollen

On the other hand, it is very cautious; nobody knows this true purpose if you do not tell or they have the same thing. So, you can also maintain your privacy of you wants. You can also carry this easily due smart in size and around shape. That is durable device so make your great facility in case of weeds mashing. In round shape 1.9-inch diameter also provides ideal size to cover in pocket. Out star designing make it cooler in looking.

  • ​Made with zinc alloy in different shape from others.
  • ​Easy to moving so no issue any mashing.
  • ​The three-piece grinder also has pollen filtration screen.
  • checkBest shape and size with sharp inner teeth.
  • checkUpper silver durable finishing.

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More detailed buying guide of weed grinder:

First of all, before buying this you deeply know, what is weed grinder? The answer is that is a small device that makes the life of a cannabis user much more convenient. Basically, cutting the weeds professionally and constantly produces a soft grind as you should want. Of course, not all weed grinders are the same. Some are manual while others are electric. Some are useless, while others require you to pay a lot of price to get it. So, if you’re search online for a really good herb grinder first read that: the best one reviews and feedbacks, then you should know exactly what to look for as per requirements. This guide offers you a detailed view of the features of the best weed shredders so that you always make sure you get the best out of my list hopes provide great outputs.

Best teeth size and quantity as well as ideal shape of weed grinders:

According to my tests and reviews users’ feedbacks, the more teeth you have, provides the better result in mashing. Obviously, a weed shredder will not be effective without sharp teeth, the most important feature of all them. In general, for a weed’s grinder 2.5 inches in diameter, “more” is around 50 are ideal if you want average outcomes. This number of teeth confirms that the grinds are thoroughly ground properly. According to the same exams and reviews, the diamond-shaped choppers seem to work better. Teeth with this shape incline to cut the weed more softly. Abolish buds steadily, constantly providing a slighter grind with a uniform constancy.

Keeps in mind that most important thins Apart from the diamond shape of the teeth and the number of teeth your grinder has you selected. You should also see the settlement of the teeth. If you want reliable results, you need a device that has an equal tooth spreading around the grinding space.

The function of Magnetic Lids:

Some of the crushed grinders are famous by a magnetic roof that provides the device with airtight at any time. In this way, be sure that nothing is broken and you can keep your privacy because the smell does not leak when you set in gathering or outdoor. While this is a good feature to have a maintain flavor of cannabis. This is not a need if it is not important for you. Keep in mind that the device that has this feature is more expensive.

Importance cleaning, maintaining of your grinders:

Cleaning your weeds crusher is a must clean from inside after each use if you want long durability and result. To clean time each compartment removes from each other for proper cleaning. Then it should be a importance for you to check how the grinder should be cleaned and if this is something that you have no problem while mashing. Some weed grinders even come with their own cleaning tool so provides great help in proper cleaning.

It is important that you also learn if the constructor offers spare parts for your devices. For example, if your weed shredder has a Kief collector, then you are required to replace the screen at after some usage. You will be concerned if the creator offers spare parts so you do not have to spend money for a new device.

Because this is a device that will experience wear, it is also very important that you verify the manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the best weed crusher comes with lifetime warranties. Remember, only constructors with assurance in the quality of their product will provide you with a lifetime assurance.

Bottom line:

Maximum weeds grinder operates with hand force so selected best one who provides you more smooth moving in less force. Similarly, the filtration screen must have working properly and collects the pollens deeply to maintain are increase cannabis flavor. The magnet lid featured models are more expensive but if you are able to spend more money than one of the best features in grinder to maintain taste and privacy. Hopes the mentioned above models provides you great help to choose best one as per your needs and fulfill all requirements in true manners.


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