10 Best Waiter Corkscrew Reviews & Buyer Guide 2019

The best waiter corkscrew provides you quick and smooth uncork practice: This little tool use on daily basis at your home or outside places. At the time of out door parties or When you come at home after hard day then you need some drink like wine, so you must have one good quality wine opener to uncork the bottle.

The best one opener not easily break and durable. It comes in smart design and strong hand-held gripping. All time working smoothly and not jam if you used after long time. Light in weight with stainless steel coating and less chance going out of shape.

It contains many parts that own working function to open corkscrew from wine bottle: The waiter corkscrew smart in size that have Fold-able little foil knife, Middle worm, Movable fulcrum, inner bottle opener and ledger. Each part properly adjusted with main body that wooden or steel made.


Instance 1

Best Value

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew

  • Serrated Foil Cutter
  • Specially Designed Worm
  • Double Hinged Fulcrum
  • The Beer Opener
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 0.6 x 1.5″
Best of the best

Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

  • All-in-one Corkscrew
  • Foil Cutter
  • Bottle Opener
  • Made of stainless-steel
  • Specially Designed Worm
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 0.5 x 1.2″
Also Consider

Truetap Metallic Red Double Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew

Truetap Metallic Waiter’s Corkscrew

  • 5-turn worm & foil cutter
  • Double-hinged arm
  • A Color For Everyone
  • Wine Bottle Blues
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.8 x 7″

Many models of wine corkscrew opener come in market with had different quality and shapes. So very difficult to choose best one as per your requirements. To make best decision in selection you must read online reviews and users’ feedback about this specific product.

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In this article we extreme try to provide the best knowledge about this opener tool for best selection. These models picked after huge online search and compiling many users feedback about them.

Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

Top Best Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

​Our Rating

This model one of the most famous and best sellers due to constructed with high quality stainless steel and all in one. The total corkscrew contains bottle opener, foil cutter, strong sharp worm, bartenders and other many options. You can easily fold and convert in smart size for proper carry or packing. HiCoup Kitchenware is a quality waiter corkscrew that works well. Its exactness design is reliable with most wine bottled uncorks. It is also a long-term and well-designed system that most people can use to effortless practice to uncorking. Do not let her low-price fool you. This is one of the best models corkscrews that available online.

The 420 stainless steel is used to make it durable and long-lasting product. The risk, which over time pressing means a violation and extra force while uncorking. You also have a comfortable Rosewood handle that grips fitted hands while using it. Expert foil cutter that he has also ideal. It’s a piece of both plastics and foil well. This simplifies the process. It also reduces the risk of your wine cork and wines during the opening. Its double-hinged fulcrum has high leverage. Thus, you can enhance and resolve most of the jam’s corks without issues. If you want drink every day, then this model provides you great help.

  • ​All in one package with high duty tools.
  • ​Easy to uncork from nay size of bottle.
  • ​Foil cutter sharp in shape and durable.
  • checkCentral worm smoothly drives in the corks.
  • checkLess chance of break corks while uncorking.

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Truetap Metallic Red Double Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew

Top Truetap Metallic Red Double Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew

Truetap Metallic Red Double Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew

​Our Rating

That is double hanged design so very effortless in uncork to any size of bottle. The foil cutter and central worm made with non-stock material and sharp tip easily insert cork surface. The upper body also made with stain steel with all tool proper folding. Foil cutter and worm turn 5 directions with smooth drive on cap and corks. The coating shine finishing makes it more durable and attractive product. The smart design and very easy to use and best for quick popup and size of corks. Less chance of breakage while uncorking due to smooth cutting cap and pull out the corks.

It has a solid and portable design. You can do it with your bag or pocket without major space ir carry easily. The design of this waiter’s corkscrew from Truetap is impressive. Made from high quality durable metal, this product has long served. You can use it on a daily basis without conceding its structure in any way. It also has a curved and relaxed handle that most people enjoy while using. This is not a slip while using it. It’s a risk that you can cause irritation of your palm or fingers, while the bottle is thin cap.

  • ​Sharp and effective foil cutter.
  • ​Total main body made with stainless steel.
  • ​Very comfortable and strong gripping.
  • checkUpdated double hanged design.
  • checkWorm insert quickly with smooth rotation.

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Houdini Lever Corkscrew​

Houdini Lever Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral

Houdini Lever Corkscrew​

​Our Rating

Modern models, such as Hudin, are popular worldwide for its premium design. If you are stressed to open wine bottles at night, you will benefit from it.​Its innovative smart design with smooth uncorking exercises and provides the best type of whole process. It is also durable and has a seamless system that creates a winery opening. You will enjoy a home and your restaurant due to quick uncorking or pulling out. The light weight corkscrew provides you effortless uncorking with strong handle gripping. That is available within reasonable price.

In this model the uncorking process very simple and quick. Use its main handle; put the metal worm into your wine cork. You should use his lower handle to pull the cork out of cracking or peeling it. This is a direct process. As professional waiters and every day uncorking feel good to use this tool. If you have such a product that you serve a lot of uncorks bottle in short time. The test has endured 20,000 corks, this is a long-term product. You also get heavy metal worm inserting and perform in burden that does not crumble under pressure. You never feel any effort while use this corkscrew.

  • ​It is professional and heavy-duty corkscrew.
  • ​Comes in stainless steel foil cutter and extra spiral.
  • ​The outer base coated with velvet black make more durable.
  • checkIt’s Come in reasonable price if see multiple featuring.
  • checkSimple process to uncorking from any bottle size.

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(Always REMEMBER) 

 Remember that the foil cutter blade very sharp and dangerous if you not fold properly. So, when you carry this tool or place in pocket be careful and fully fold it.

Professional Waiters Corkscrew by Barvivo:

Best Professional Waiters Corkscrew by Barviv

Professional Waiters Corkscrew by Barvivo​

​Our Rating

This model very professional and belong with high ranked company named bravo. The operating parts made with high quality stainless steel to make more durable and the main body made with natural rosewood. That is heavy duty corkscrew and provides you great help to open a lot of cork in short time. All parts foldable and easy to adjust main body. The foil cutter and sharp worm base this corkscrew that made with stainless steel material. The company made bottle opener in proper shape with easily foldable. You can also adjust in pocket and backpack while traveling after fold it properly.

The maximum manually corkscrews create whistle pain due to hand efforts. But in this manual corkscrew you feel effortless process. Its beautiful shape and hand-crafted design for strong and handheld comfort ability. The sharp worm easily inserts corks surface and rotate to approach middle level of corks then pull out. It’s available very reasonable price at online store. So that is best model as gift on birthday and Christmas.

  • ​The extra sharp and stainless-steel worm.
  • ​Heavy duty and quickly pull out many corks in short time.
  • ​Effortless process even in manual form.
  • checkThe main body made with natural rosewood.
  • checkSoft and beautiful hand gripping.

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​Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew​

​Our Rating

That is latest and advanced features-based corkscrew. This is more users friendly even you can remove the worm from main body. You can use this opener in vertical angle and uncork any size of wine bottle. The sharp knife smoothly cut the bottle round cap. Worm tip very sharp and easily insert in cork with smooth rotation you can uncork the bottle within 5 second. In smart design company provides the handle for proper strong gripping with comfort while moving.

The body of this corkscrew made with stainless steel and outer black velvet coating to make it more durable. Very quickly uncork many bottles with smooth screw worm rotation and pulling. He had a comfortable soft rubber grip and removed Cork firm pop. In addition, when the leverage was its original position, it remained upright. In other models, the leverage provides you great help in effortless popup cork.

  • ​Comes in original vertical lever base cork screw.
  • ​Quick and smooth popup in any size of bottle.
  • ​The body upper color shined and coated stainless steel
  • check.Updated design with all parts foldable.
  • checkCompany provides 10 years warranty.
  • checkYou can easily release cork after worm.

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Oster Cordless Electric ​corkscrew:

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

Oster Cordless Electric ​corkscrew:

​Our Rating

That is electric cordless corkscrew for wine bottle. If you want save time and effort then best model for you. This device required around 8 hours for full charging then you can use this 30 bottles uncorking. Its switch on from front push button with easy touch. That is totally user friendly due to light weight and removable foil cutter as well as comfortable soft-grip handle. Smart and sophisticated design makes it more attractive and easier in use.

The foil cutter and ledger working in both sides you can easily move the cork and again pack. Yet, it removed the stopper pretty easily without any splits or efforts and automatically stopped once the cork had passed the brink of the bottle’s neck. This waiter corkscrew working on the worm-twisting mechanism that attached with electric push button.

  • ​Quick and smooth uncork the bottle.
  • ​Removable and flexible foil cutter.
  • ​Smooth twisting electric worm function.
  • checkFirstly required 8 hours to full charging.
  • checkSmart and latest design.
  • checkComfortable soft gripping.

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OXO Steel Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew:​

 OXO Steel Double Lever Waiter's Corkscrew, Silver/Black

OXO Steel Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew

​Our Rating

That is latest featured model in our list. In this model you can uncork most deep neck bottles easily. The extra-long leverage provides effortless uncork activity. Laguiole wine keys are still some of the most beautiful sommelier tools on the market. They have quite chance of breakage but that is comfortable model. In this model all parts properly hide or folded like knife and worm from the body as well as difficult to find.

A one-fitted staircase demanded that the spiral and half worm out of the cork to remove the lever that is necessary to extract it. OXO looks almost user-friendly. Despite his smooth power, he has a comfortable and short time to put out cork from bottle. And it works well in the foil capsule bottles, it is not recommended to use the wax capsule bottle. It’s also available online store in very reasonable price.

  • ​The standard length of leverage so easy to remove corks all types’ deep bottles.
  • ​All body made with stainless steel so durable.
  • ​Company provides double lever function.
  • checkSoft and comfortable grip handling.
  • checkSharp tip of worm to easy insert in cork.
  • checkFoil cutter and worm easily foldable.

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Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew, Black:

Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew, Black

Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew

​Our Rating

In this model all updated features available. With this model the uncork the bottle you feel like a fun. Very easy in use and smooth worm rotation make it quicker and more effortless. Electric Blue Corkscrew takes the name from the blue light that starts from the device when it’s turned on. I think the light purpose only for indication of working star and end on uncork. It was heavier than Oster and it exhibited some of the ripping cork. Its only advantage is the transparent plastic bottom part of the shaft that allows the user to see the cork being removed.

The foil cutter that tied the device automatically was so unintuitive that even my sommy bottle shape could not figure it out. Corkscrew’s automatic function and lack of buttons became the reason for the bottle opening, but he also created a motor start when I just pulled it into the cap. Its available two different models in market that have little bit price different.

  • ​Auto adjustable foil cutter.
  • ​Blue shine light indication of working.
  • ​Very smart design and strong gripping.
  • checkInside motor and worm rotation feature.
  • checkPullout cork very quickly.
  • checkEffortless device so feels any tiredness.

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Twister Black Easy Turn Corkscrew by True:

Best Twister Black Easy Turn Corkscrew by True

Twister Black Easy Turn Corkscrew by True

​Our Rating

If you want fully manual corkscrew and hand strength then best model for you. That is available very reasonable price at online stores. True Twister Easy Turn Corkscrew is easy to use, just buy less than $ 10 and has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. The basic design works like this: You get the wine opening on the bottle neck and pull the screw body handle so that the worm inserts the cork and drive in round. Then, just keep turning, at least middle level the cork comes automatically upper side and does not need you pull out.

If review the size of this corkscrew, then remembers that True Twister is a bit bigger than Pulltex and other waiters’ corkscrews. However, it is much smaller than other helper openers, including “rabbit” models, and still tuck easily into drawers. His bottled plastic body, the structure is not solid or too much hard. That said, his chrome twist handle is horizontal, heavy, well balanced and easy to hold and the price, this wine opener is great.

  • ​Easy to foldable and totally manual.
  • ​The worm made with nonstick material.
  • ​Worm Effortless insert and drive smoothly.
  • checkSoft and easy hold gripping.
  • checkBigger size so provides standard leverage.

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Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup:​

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup - All-in-one Wine Corkscrew

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup

​Our Rating

All opener ​Corkscrew available in one package. All functions are combined and contain stylish designing. Proper design with both side comfort handle gripping. Two wings for opening a bordering cork from bottle neck very effortless and easy to popup. That is available in ($ 13) and other model closer to the type this range of wine opening not same features. The number of which we tested it physically on many bottle corks opening its feel to be rewarded when it came to compare others models in the real world. In comparison with other models, we try to make wing design feel awkward and less damage to the cork.

Its chromed body, Teflon worm and resistant, smooth structure, the standard of evolution of this module. Very easy to operate this with both arms and smooth drive on bottle neck. You can open many other things caps from this model easily. The central non-stick worm tip very sharp so easy to insert on bottle neck.

  • ​Heavy duty tools with all important options.
  • ​No need any manual extra effort for uncorks.
  • ​Very convenient gripping from both handles.
  • checkCombined function ability with proper folding.
  • checkNot too much bigger in size.

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Main point keeps in mind while buying any corkscrew:

Some of the main point that you must keep in mind and have selected product to make you selection best ever. Fewer struggles to uncorking and low chance of breakage as well as comfortable hand griping included in best one corkscrew. Some are written below with detail for your more help in best decision.

Material Used:

If you want buy the best shopping of corkscrew then must identify the materiel, because most people buy the cheapest material base model due to less value of your money. The fragile corks can easily be beat. Avoid them at any cost. The solid material made of stainless steel will serve you well and not break even in a lot of effort. The material is very durable. This is also a food grade and can resist rust.

User friendly:

The different models of corkscrew working with different style. Because Different types of corkscrew use different technologies. To get the model you will benefit from using; it looks easy to use the product. Its set-in different types of bottles should be as easy as possible. You should also be able to get tired and remove different types of wine stoppers easily. When buying must keep this in mind.

Extra tools:

The selected corkscrew must have extra tools that must be foldable with main body. Put your desired corkscrew like a stamp cutter and a bottle open? When buying you must keep in mind the selected model has many extra tools as much as possible. Like bottle opener, for example, it provides help you to open metal and plastic covers that most type of wines. Beer opening is good adding on for a best corkscrew.

Bottom line:

While discussing, we talked about 10 at Bestseller Cork, all time. If you need best one as professional or home use then do not hesitate to buy one all of mentioned list. They are long-term or featured full models. They are also efficient and versatile designs that will execrate the best style of uncorking. More over we hopes that the upper mentioned models and whole discussion provides you great help to choose best one as per your requirements.


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