Comparing Navy Pier to California’s Pacific Ocean

If you live in an area near the shoreline, you might wonder what it would be like to compare a pier to the ocean. Take a look at this article and find out.

How is Navy Pier Different?

Navy Pier is a popular tourist destination in Chicago that is known for its amusement park, shops, and restaurants. The pier is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and has a variety of attractions, such as a Ferris wheel, paddle boats, and a submarine.

Compared to California’s Pacific Ocean, Navy Pier is much smaller. The ocean has a greater length and width than the pier, making it more diverse and accommodating for different activities. Additionally, the ocean offers stunning views that cannot be found at Navy Pier. For example, visitors can see Chicago’s skyscrapers from the beach or watch dolphins play in the waves.

Ultimately, each location offers its own unique features that make it desirable for visitors. Whether you’re looking for an amusement park experience or beautiful views of the city, Navy Pier and the Pacific Ocean are both worth checking out.

When Can You See the Pacific Ocean Near California?

When Can You See the Pacific Ocean Near California? There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to seeing the Pacific Ocean. Some people can see it from inland, while others have to venture out to see it. However, if you’re looking for an ocean view with less humidity and more sun, navy pier in Chicago is a great place to check out.

What Makes the Blue Pacific Ocean Different from Navy Pier’s Lake Michigan Waters?

Navy Pier is located on the northern shore of Lake Michigan, while California’s Pacific Ocean is on the western coast of the United States. Navy Pier’s water is blue, while California’s Pacific Ocean is a deep and dark blue. Navy Pier’s waves are gentle, while California’s waves can be powerful and dangerous. Finally, Navy Pier has a sandy bottom, while California’s bottom is rocky.


When it comes to recreation, few places can compete with the vastness and beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Navy Pier in Chicago may not quite measure up to the oceanfront views of California’s Santa Monica Pier, but it does offer its visitors plenty of attractions and activities to keep them busy. If you’re looking for a place to take your family or friends during a visit to Chicago, Navy Pier is worth considering.


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