Snactiv Shark Tank Review

Barbara Corcoran made a great investment in Snactiv and since then, the company has sold more than 50,000 units. That’s impressive for a business that was still relatively new to the market. It may inspire other Shark Tank entrepreneurs to follow Corcoran’s lead. Despite its price tag of $15, Snactiv is an excellent multi-tasking snack tool. Read on to learn more.

Snactiv is a multi-tasking snacking tool

Snactiv is a multi-tasking snacking device that keeps your hands clean while keeping your hands free for other things. It attaches to the middle finger or index finger of your hand and lets you grab foods without having to stop what you’re doing. This product was designed with comfort in mind and features soft-touch flexible finger slots. They are flexible and adapt to different finger shapes and sizes, enabling you to multi-task while enjoying a snack.

Snactiv is attached to your finger and enables you to focus on more important things, such as your work. The shark-shaped utensil has a large surface area to fit your fingers while you’re snacking. You can also eat your food while using Snactiv by swiping on a blank iPhone screen. Whether you’re on the go, at work, or anywhere else, it will help you eat your snacks without having to reach for a knife.

It’s dishwasher safe

Snactiv is an easy to use multi-tasking snack tool that is dishwasher safe, keeping your hands clean while you work, play, or focus on your work. The company’s founders, Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, are set to appear on the second season of Shark Tank to pitch their product. Sharks on the show include Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary. In addition to these Sharks, Snactiv has been designed to be dishwasher safe and is free of BPA.

Snactiv has been in the market for two years, but it only recently caught the Sharks’ attention. Unlike most plastic chopsticks, Snactiv is dishwasher safe and has BPA-free plastics. The sharks liked the idea, so they offer $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake. Evan Cho and Kevin Cho are also working on a business plan to become partners. The Sharks chuckle as Kevin and Evan demonstrate how they use their Snactiv.You can also read Spectrum internet plans.

It’s BPA free

If you are wondering whether the Snactiv shark tank is BPA free, read on. These finger-chopsticks are dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free material. Snactiv’s makers, Kevin Choi and Evan Cho, have raised almost $41k on Kickstarter and are planning to ship their full product in October 2021. The Snactiv is dishwasher safe and BPA-free, and the product costs $15 per item.

Kevin and Edwin Choi, founders of Snactiv, proposed their idea to Kickstarter in April 2021. The project raised $41,700 in less than a month, and the product shipped in October 2021. Snactiv got rave reviews and business exploded within a few months. The company quickly had to increase its production levels to meet demand. The product quickly rose above the competition. Its CEO Kevin Choi tells us why the Snactiv shark tank is BPA-free.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, two founders of Snactiv, are messy snackers. They invented the Snactiv chopstick-like device in order to avoid contamination from fingers. It’s a multitasking tool that keeps hands clean and your concentration on what matters. With only one function, the Snactiv shoves your snack directly into your mouth without contaminating your hands or distracting from other activities. And they’ve got the Shark Tank’s support as well.

It costs $15

If you are looking for a toothbrush that will last for years, Snactiv may be the one for you. The swabs are dishwasher safe and can last for 14 days. They cost $15 per piece or $18 if purchased in a case of 20. The Snactiv toothbrush weighs a little less than one pound and is dishwasher safe. The company has been on Shark Tank for four seasons, and has already made some entrepreneurs very rich.

The founders of Snactiv have been able to convince a number of investors that the product is worth trying. They believe that it will keep hands clean while snacking, keeping them free for other things. This innovation may also be the product that changes the way we snack. The Sharks have already approved Snactiv as a possible investment for consumers. The product costs $15, and its price is only going to go up from here.


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