What Is Aged Care Equipment and Why Is It Useful?

Aged care equipment is any product disabled and aging individuals can use inside the home. It’s beneficial to have the equipment when living with an older adult because it can improve their mobility and offer a greater sense of convenience while keeping them safe as they move from one room to another in the home. If you’re not sure what these products are like and what they can do for your loved one, these are just a few of the products you can purchase and provide to your elderly loved one at home.

Power Lift & Recline Chairs

Make it easier for your aging loved one to get up and down from a chair by investing in a power lift and recline chair. Not only can they sit comfortably and recline backward to relax while kicking their feet up, but they can also use the remote control feature to extend the chair forward, making it easier to get up when they need to use the bathroom or grab a drink from the kitchen. These chairs are an excellent addition to any living room.

Mobile Tray Walker

If mobility has become a bit of an issue for your loved one, the mobility tray walker is great to have around the house. Your loved one can use it to support their body as they move from one room to the next while bringing different items along with them, such as their bottle of water, a bowl of snacks, or anything else they need to take with them to the next room. In addition, the tray walker is ideal for offering added support when moving and enjoying a meal without making a mess because it offers a solid space for dining. It’s also exceptionally easy to keep this table clean.

Handi Table

The handi table is an excellent table to have by the bedside. It moves easily, gliding away from the bed and forward again when needed. Your loved one can use it to hold their glasses, a book they’re reading, a mobile device, or anything else, keeping the essentials close by when they need them the most.

Bath Transfer Bench

Another excellent aged care item to have in the home is a bath transfer bench. Many aging adults struggle to stand for extended periods, making showers more of a challenge. However, baths aren’t usually a good alternative because it’s often difficult to get up and down from the tub. Make it easier for your loved one to bathe comfortably and privately by placing the bath transfer chair in the bathtub. It allows your loved one to remain seated while washing up and keeping up with their hygiene. It also has supportive bars to make standing up from the seated position easy while getting out of the tub before drying off.

With different types of equipment like this available for the elderly, you can make sure to accommodate your aging loved one in your home. The right products in the home can boost your aging loved one’s confidence when moving around and bathing themselves while also enabling them to enjoy a greater sense of independence.


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