Why Do You Need To Buy a Silk Comforter Instead of Buying a Cotton Comforter?

This question is very common to new customers. Most of the customers in today’s world are not familiar with silk bedding. They are used to with synthetic, cotton, down, and down alternative bedding. Perhaps they have heard very little from their parents that silk bedding, a silk duvet, silk pajamas, silk bed sheets were very familiar to the rich people in sometimes in the past. But today with the intent of the synthetic cheap bedding item, silk is losing its popularity.

However, the thinking of people is changing now. Now a day’s people are searching for organic products more than synthetic or chemically treated products. As all we know, silk is a natural and organic fabric that comes from the body of silk cocoons. The farmers in the village work hard to cultivate silk fabric from silk cocoons.

One of the most popular types of silk bedding is silk comforter and duvets.

Now, a question can come into our mind, why the silk comforter and duvets are so popular?

  • Already we have discussed above, silk is a natural fabric Hence it is free from all types of harsh chemical treatment. So, the silk duvet and comforter made with natural silk fabric is skin-friendly. You can check in details about skin friendly natural silk comforter at pillowbedding.com. Moreover, silk comforter and silk pillowcase improve your hair condition because of its incredibly smooth and soft texture.
  •  Silk does not absorb our important moisture and oil from our face and body skins.  As far as we know, the cotton duvet absorbs important moisture and oil from our face and body skins while we are sleeping under it. 
  • Another important attribute of silk duvet is that it is naturally hypoallergenic. It can resist dust mites, mold and mildew and many other types of allergens ingredients from the sleeper. Moreover, silk bedding has anti-snoring and anti allergens attribute those are not available in the cotton bedding. Consequently, the silk duvet can save you from snoring, coughing, itching and any other allergens related diseases.
  •  The fourth important attributes of silk bedding are that it is hypoallergenic suitable for all climates. The silk duvet comforter can keep you cool in the warm night and it will not cause for night sweating during the summer season. On the other hand, it is also suitable for the winter season as the silk duvet comforter has enough warmth to keep you comfortable and warm in the winter night. In a nutshell, the silk comforter has temperature regulating attributes that can provide you a comfortable sleeping environment all year round.
  • The fifth and another most important attribute of silk comforter is that it can last a long time. The cotton comforter can lose its pretty apparent after a few years of use but that will not happen for silk duvet. A silk duvet can serve you more than 10-15 years without any shrinkage and fading of color.

After reading all the benefits of silk duvet another question that may come to your mind is that is there any disadvantages of silk comforter. The answer is “yes”. If you want to but pure 100% long strand mulberry silk comforter, you have to pay 4 times higher price than a normal cotton comforter. So, silk comforter is not cheap at all. But you can buy a sateen comforter which is as cheaper as cotton comforter but you can get the same level of luxuriousness and comfort as a silk comforter.


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